Friday, October 31, 2014



This week's #fiveonfriday gets a Halloween twist!

The Cake Café

If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween treat then look no further than The Cake Café on Pleasants Palace. For the past week they have been baking their scrumptious cookies with a Halloween twist.  If we’re honest, skeleton and Dart Vader cookies are truly what the Halloween spirits is all about.  

Lucy’s Lounge

The Halloween Parties have arrived and so far your best costume idea involves a black plastic bag and a witch mask….it worked when you were five, not now though.  But fear not – our neighbours, Lucy’s Lounge, have you covered for the perfect Halloween attire.  You can check them out on Fownes Street, Temple Bar.

The Craft

Dressed all black, throw in some teen angst, add a dash of 90's grunge and finish off with some witch craft and BOOOM, The Craft is the perfect movie choice for your Halloween night in.

Alex Garnett

To get your fix of wicked and unique jewellery pieces, check out the eye-catching creations of Alex Garnett.  From skull inspired brooches, bone pendants to eerie lamps, his creations will make you have a little piece Halloween in your wardrobe for life.


Visit the RDS this weekend to get your last bit of scary thrills courtesy of Damnation’s labyrinth of horrors.  Uncover all of Samuel Page’s stories and prepare to scream and run for your life. Bringing a friend would be a good idea for this one!

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