Friday, October 3, 2014



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For the entire month of October, the Irish Cancer Society is encouraging us all to Paint it Pink and create plenty of #PinkPics all in the name of creating awareness about breast cancer. With various events and activities accruing throughout the country, there is no better time to celebrate everything pink and get involved in the fundraising and awareness. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when Siopaella will be celebrating everything pink and raising funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Hard Working Class Heroes

This weekend Dublin is the only place to be to discover the best of the best in the Irish music scene. With over 100 acts lined-up to play in seven venues throughout the city, HWCH is bigger than ever and is a MUST for every music lover.

The Doors of Dublin

Although Dublin is a small town, it has plenty to say and of course plenty to show. The Doors of Dublin is this week's highlighted Instagram stalk.  Give the page a follow and see if you spot any familiar doorsteps or even better, discover some new beauties.

Chanel SS15

#HeforShe. ‘Be your own Stylist’. ‘Free Freedom’.

Uncle Karl, you fabulous divil! ;) 

Keogh's Cafe

The ONLY thing to cure any rainy  morning commute, the mouth-warming aroma of Keogh's Cafe freshly baked muffins. Stop's me in my tracks each time and is one of my top choices for a Monday pick-me-up.

What is your #fiveonfriday?

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