Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet the Team: Shaniqua:

Meet the Team: Shaniqua:

Sinéad or Shaniqua as Ella likes to call her (Ella has a weird fascination with stripper names, don’t ask) is another long serving member of the Siopaella team. She’s our tall, dark haired, pale skinned fat child in a skinny woman’s body.

The girl likes her food but you’d never know that by looking at her (lucky bitch). She’s the Joey of the group. Like our favourite character from Friends Sinéad doesn't share food! If you want to keep her happy don’t even ask for some of her food. I made that mistake at the Christmas party and my goodness if looks could kill. She was very protective over that creamy mash.

She is known for her gorgeous skirts, statement necklaces and of course that fierce Tipperary accent. She drinks buckets of tea a day and only recently (thanks to myself and Eileen) has started to put the teabags in the bin and not thrown by the sink!!!

After being offered a full time job in Siopaella  Sinéad turned up to work the next day four hours late. Her excuse was that she went to sleep so content about having been offered a job that she slept like a baby and forgot to set her alarm.

Sinéad studied Communications in DCU and just graduated with a 2:1 and a first in photography (bualadh bos). During her final year Sinéad continued working at Siopaella doing one or two days a week. We missed her during this time and are delighted she’s back to full time.

She’s the hyper child of the group who often says sentences that make no sense especially at the end of the day. We just look at her and give the poor creature a hug and send her on her merry way home

Three Fun Facts about Shaniqua:

1.       She is currently homeless.
2.       She’s the breaker and spiller in Siopaella from tables, fans, cups etc
3.       As a child Sinéad thought she was a cat living in Sweet Valley Kittens

For more on Shaniqua you can follow her here:

Instagram – sineadk03

Ciara x

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