Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet the Team - Big T

Meet the Team; Big T:

Big T or Tanya Cash as she is better known is one of the longest serving staff members to work in Siopaella (God love her). She’s our little bobbed hair, big smile ball of sunshine (post coffee only). She began as we all did, as a minion, I mean intern haha. With training, dedication and hard work Big T has earned her the title of assistant manager.

Tanya’s background is in performing arts (a talent that is a huge asset working here especially when dealing with difficult customers). She attended Sligo IT and graduated with her specialty in costume design for the theatre.

Tanya’s style is Victorian queen with a dash of quirky, colourful jewellery. Her favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood and she has been known to buy most of our Westwood pieces before they even get the chance to hit the floor (the best perk of the job).

Big T is the responsible one of the group. She’s the one with her head screwed on and regularly tells us when it’s time to call it a night and head home from the pub. I swear that girl does not suffer from hangovers! 

She’s a sweetheart who’s funny, kind and has the biggest laugh! Come in, tell her a joke and hear it for yourself!

Three fun facts about Big T:

1.       Tanya's favourite shade of lipstick is MAC's Lady Danger.
2.       Her dissertation was in 18th Century Georgian fashion
3.       Her favourite city is Brighton because of its vintage and alternative scene

For more on Big T you can follow her here:  

Instagram- tanyacash07
Twitter- tanyacash07

Ciara x

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